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Thermal Process Solutions

Our Expertise

  • Induction Technology
    Induction Technology

    Non-Contact Induction Heating is the optimal method of heating metals and conductive materials in specific areas, to varying temperatures at controlled rates.

    Stanelco RF Technologies have been manufacturing Induction Heating Systems and providing thermal process solutions since the 1930’s.

  • Dielectric Technology
    Dielectric Technology

    Stanelco RF Technologies' dielectric heaters utilise a high frequency electric field to generate heat in non-conducting materials: often for the purpose of welding, joining, shaping or forming plastic products.

    Stanelco manufactures dielectric machinery for heating or welding a variety of plastic products.

  • Fibre Optic Technology
    Fibre Optic Technology

    Stanelco RF Technologies has been a leading supplier of Induction Furnace systems to the Fibre Optic industry since the late 1990’s, with over 200 furnace systems deployed.

    Stanelco has had a program of continual improvements in order to maintain its position as one of the leading suppliers to the industry.

  • Resistance Heating Technology
    Resistance Heating Technology

    Stanelco Resistance Technology is a simple, clean and repeatable method of soldering cable connections, terminals, pipe joints, unions and similar fittings.

    Using our range of remote heating tools, our heater allows precise heating of components.


Thermal Process Solution Specialists

Through the use of RF technology we create innovative solutions for thermal process applications. As a result, our products are renowned for their quality and durability.

Our systems provide exceptional sealing, welding and heating process solutions to a wide variety of commercial sectors. For instance, these include science, research, production and many other manufacturing supply chains.

We work closely with clients, considering their needs and upholding ethical values, our dynamic and experienced team regularly develop new products and processes which are more environmentally sustainable than those they replace.

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