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Applications Development Laboratory

The Stanelco Applications Development Laboratory is equipped with a wide range of induction heating and dielectric welding equipment. Therefore, enabling us to carry out development applications and demonstrations for customer specific projects.

Every heating application and thermal process is thoroughly and comprehensibly tested to understand the properties of the application.

Customers are invited to visit our laboratory to collaborate with our experts during every stage of their thermal process solution journey.

Our engineers are highly experienced and therefore ready to advise on the integration of your particular solution into your facility.

Contact us today to find out more about our Applications Development Laboratory.

Driving Your Bespoke Solution

Our Engineers will tailor, design and proof test the optimal thermal process solution for your particular application.

We recommend you follow our 3 step process below:

1. Contact us via the request form or via email or telephone to discuss your process requirements.

2. Send us your parts for our engineers to analyse and heat in order to develop the specific solution.

3. Receive a video of your heating process as well as laboratory report with a recommendation of the solution.

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