Induction Heating can be used for an ever growing variety of applications. The efficient and controllable technology is spread over a wide range of powers and frequencies from melting 10 tonnes of steel to heating a medical needle. Stanelco is able to offer systems up to powers of 300kW and frequencies up to 27MHz. Some typical applications we are able to offer are:

Heat Treatment Systems

Heat treatment is used in the manufacturing of many parts such as tools, cutting blades and automotive parts. Treatments include Hardening, Tempering and Annealing. Stanelco can offer its customers solutions to their requirements in the form of discrete parts or full turn key systems.

Melting Applications

Stanelco’s range of power supplies makes them ideal for production of laboratory processes.


From horseshoes to lorry axels, forging is a process that is used in many production environments. Using Induction Heating allows fast heat up times so reducing oxidation, accurate temperature control and energy efficiency.

Bonding and Brazing

Induction Heating is ideal for applications where temperature control is critical and repeatability ensures maximum productivity. Systems can be used for heat curing glue, brazing and soldering to name but a few.

High Temperature Heating

Stanelco specialises in high temperature heating using its knowledge from its Optical Fibre Furnaces which run at temperatures up to 2400°C. Stanelco can offer its customers knowledge and information as well as simple graphite susceptor systems to full gas chamber installations.

Cap Sealing

Many products that we use everyday have been sealed by the Cap Sealing process. Typical examples would be the seal on a plastic milk bottle. Stanelco can offer machines suitable for high speed in line sealing for a wide variety of materials and shapes.