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Design Capabilities

Our Design Capabilities Include:


Utilising standard elements where possible the Stanelco range of optimised thermal process solution building blocks can be custom configured to provide a bespoke customised solution. Above all, our Engineers will work with you towards provision of the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Development Projects

Our team is highly experienced in the provision of thermal process solutions. Developing numerous products that are technically advanced and unique. Therefore, we are often approached to take on specific technology development projects for OEM’s or end users. These projects involve a range of disciplines, for instance: power conversion technology, mechanical system design, product packaging and process control and monitoring.

Specific Capabilities

Specific Engineering capabilities can also be provided including 3D design modelling, magnetic field or thermal effect modelling and process simulation.

Our Capabilities

  • 3D Modelling
    3D Modelling

    Using state of the art computer software our engineers design sophisticated elements and complete systems.

    Use of 3D design software eliminates costly development process stages. Leading accurate manufacturing processes for the final equipment.

  • Process Simulation
    Process Simulation

    Process simulation tools allow us to design precise systems that benefits customers when used to control product quality, process stability and reliability. Therefore, eliminating waste, optimising productivity and reducing business costs.

  • Thermal Modelling
    Thermal Modelling

    BEM and FEM techniques are used to determine thermal solutions for our customers.

    Our highly skilled engineers can present their ideas and solutions at the proposal stages and work with you throughout further stages of the project to fine tune the results.

Driving Your Bespoke Solution

Our Engineers will tailor, design and proof test the optimal thermal process solution for your particular application.

We recommend you follow our 3 step process below:

1. Contact us via the request form or via email or telephone to discuss your process requirements.

2. Send us your parts for our engineers to analyse and heat in order to develop the specific solution.

3. Receive a video of your heating process as well as laboratory report with a recommendation of the solution.

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