Draw Furnaces

Proven Optical Fibre Manufacturing Furnaces – Designed For Production

Stanelco RF Technologies Induction Furnace Systems are proven around the world in Optical Fibre manufacturing facilities, with over 100 furnace system installations.

Our "Designed for Production" approach has resulted in a proven, technically sophisticated Furnace System which produces high quality fibre and offers four key benefits:

  • Easy to install – we are experienced with all major types of draw tower
  • Easy to integrate – we can supply any standard communications interface to support your tower control system (Omron, Siemens, Allen Bradley etc.)
  • Easy to operate and with highly stable and controllable temperatures
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Our Induction Furnace range covers all optical fibre manufacturing needs:

  • Draw Furnaces capable of processing up to 200mm diameter preforms
  • Preform Preparation Furnaces
  • Specialist Furnaces for research
  • Genstar Power Generators capable of up to 300kW, designed and manufactured in-house
  • Furnace systems to meet your manufacturing requirements now and in the future

Larger optical fibre preforms – Stanelco systems are designed for easy upgrade

New and larger preform sizes are clearly supported by Stanelco RF Technologies. We have standardised on three bodies to cover up to 200mm preform size. We support your requirement for economies of scale and give you a cost-effective platform for the future:

  • Furnace and power systems can be modified with partial upgrades for cost-effective expansion
  • Short time from delivery to start-up production
  • Support from experienced Stanelco RF Engineers

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For further information please email: rfenquiry@stanelco.co.uk