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Fibre Optic Technology

Stanelco has been a market leading supplier of Induction Furnace systems to the Fibre Optic manufacturing industry since the 1990s, maintaining and increasing this position through constant and continuous improvement in close collaboration with our customers and partners.

Our Induction Furnace Systems are embedded globally in world class Optical Fibre manufacturing facilities, with over 200 furnace systems installed.

The Stanelco range covers all fibre optic manufacturing needs, including the following:

  • Draw furnaces capable of processing the full industry range of preform types and sizes
  • Preform and core-rod stretching furnaces for all glass types and geometries
  • Deposition furnaces
  • Collapsing furnaces
  • Sintering/consolidation furnaces
  • Specialist furnaces for research and development
  • Soft glass furnaces

Our focus is providing Furnaces that meet your production needs and benefit your business.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can provide your thermal process solution.

Fibre Optic Products

  • FCVD Furnace
    FCVD Furnace

    The Stanelco FCVD furnace is for customers who would normally use the traditional MCVD process, but would like to have the control and stability benefits of an induction furnace over the oxygen-hydrogen burners.

    Stanelco’s FCVD Furnace offers the end user a heating system that gives fully symmetric and uniform 360° heating to ensure the best possible deposition control and glass optical quality.

    The furnace design is suitable for integrating with a wide range of lathe systems and can be tailored to suit the customer’s exact requirements in terms of monitoring and control.

    The furnace is powered by a dedicated Stanelco GenStar induction heating power supply.

  • Pre-Form / Core-Rod Stretching Furnace
    Pre-Form / Core-Rod Stretching Furnace

    Stanelco has developed a wide range of horizontal and vertical furnace systems optimised for a variety of core-rod and preform shaping and stretching applications.

    These systems utilise the dedicated Stanelco GenStar induction heating power supply, enabling preform sizes of up to 250mm diameter to be processed.

    Stanelco furnaces have been designed with a range of configurations to maximise productivity, process stability and lifespan of consumables.

    These include adaptive “Inlet Seals” uniquely designed to ensure the best possible sealing of the preform as it feeds into the furnace; as well as, fully configurable, single and double laser diameter measurement systems to give optimal precision in diameter control

  • Drawing Furnace
    Drawing Furnace

    Stanelco RF Technologies are the preferred supplier of Fibre Draw Furnaces to market-leading fibre optic manufacturers around the world.

    Decades of engineering expertise and close customer collaboration have perfected our furnace designs and control systems to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s Fiber Draw Processes.

    Key features of our designs include the capability to process preforms in excess of 200mm diameter, and a unique, water-cooled, gas-purged Adaptive Top Seal design to accommodate preform diameter fluctuations of up to 20mm, allowing Direct Draw of Mother Preforms

  • Full Furnace System
    Full Furnace System

    Stanelco RF Technologies provide the full optical fibre furnace solution, consisting of:

    - RF Induction Furnace
    - GenStar Induction Heating Power Supply
    - PLC Control System
    - Full MFC Control for Process Gasses
    - Open and/or closed loop Furnace Control
    - Water Cooling Units
    - Air Cooled MF power leads
    - Interconnects and Manifolds
    - Commissioning and Support

  • Zirconia Furnace Consumables
    Zirconia Furnace Consumables

    Stanelco RF Technologies supplies a range of Zirconia Susceptors, sight tubes, insulation and other consumables and spares for use in Zirconia- based Optical Fibre Induction Furnaces.

    These products have been developed by Stanelco RF Technologies in conjunction with our partners at Zircotec in Harwell in the UK, specialists in high temperature coatings and heat barrier technology.

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