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Optimising Induction Heating Processes

23 August 2019

Optimised induction heating processes are key to efficient and successful thermal process solutions.


In the world of induction heating, equipment used for certain applications doesn’t provide the best process performance or electrical efficiency. In many cases, this equipment can only achieve energy transfer efficiencies of less than 30%. Consequently, this means users have to apply more electrical input power and time as a compromised solution aiming to achieve the desired thermal process result.

Today’s industrial users are more conscious of optimising induction heating processes, as well as, being more aware of the need to protect the environment.  Hence the achievements of ‘higher yield’, ‘less waste’ and ‘greater efficiency in the usage of available electrical energy’. These goals can result in the replacement of many old and out-dated electrical heating systems. Therefore, making way for equipment that will outperform its predecessors on all fronts.

Stanelco’s new SSRF induction heating systems have output frequencies starting from 1MHz to in excess of 40Mhz. The choice of frequency is application dependent. The unique design, replaces old technology and achieves highly desirable results.

The main advantages of the SSRF systems include:

  • ultra-high electrical and thermal efficiencies,
  • ease of operation,
  • dramatic reduction in the risk of overheating,
  • less accidental heating of surrounding areas of the processing part.

Most importantly, perhaps, the key advantage is the optimised, stable and repeatable thermal process results.

Successful use and application of this equipment is enjoyed in many different industries, including the medical industry. Here, the SSRF systems are used for processing small, high value components requiring thermal processes such as annealing, brazing, soldering, bonding, welding and joining.

The SSRF systems, ideally suit intricate industrial applications. For example the heating of carding wire. Where the process lends itself to highly selective induction heating such as for the production of knives, blades and other cutting devices.

Other key benefits include extreme stability of heat source, excellent repeatability, and no start up or shut down time. Alongside this, the equipment can stop and restart on demand, and requires little maintenance.


To find out more about optimising induction heating processes, or for help with your induction heating application please contact our team of RF application engineers.

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