Plastic Welding

Stanelco plastic sheet welders pass a high frequency electromagnetic field through a material to generate heat and create a controlled weld. The welders are economic and reliable and are used by manufacturers to weld a variety of PVC and PU items such as medical, packaging and stationary products. The welding is clean, waterproof and strong. The process is easy to operate and no special skills are required. Welds of excellent appearance are consistently produced.

Welding can be enhanced by using tools with decorative patterns. Cutting tools may be combined to trim and weld in one operation. Arc detection systems protect the electrode and material from damage.

Stanelco design engineers work closely with the regulatory organisations which define the standards of safety for welding equipment. We are able to offer safety features on our welders which comply with electrical regulations and RF emission recommendations. Stanelco has a continuous programme of development to meet new RF regulations as they are introduced whilst also meeting the requirements of our customers.