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The Benefits of RF Welding for Transportation

23 September 2019

What benefits can RF Dielectric Welding provide to the logistics and transport industries?


Tarpaulins, side curtains, and roller covers made from plastics are routinely used to assist in the safe transportation of goods throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

To protect the goods during transportation these plastic products need to be strong, long lasting and repairable if damaged. Polymer manufacturers have developed a range of plastic sheet materials specifically for these applications. These specific polymer formulations can withstand the harsh physical and mechanical environments encountered within the transportation industry.

During the transformation into end user products, various design element accessories have to be added. Such as, straps, eyelets, wear pads and stiffening bands. The edges must also be sealed. RF welding provides an optimal method of adding these additional elements. RF Welding also, effectively tailors the sheet material to the required size with finished edging. The RF dielectric welded edge seal gives a durable, waterproof and uniform bond between sheet materials, maintaining their original features and benefits.

RF dielectric welders come in various shapes and sizes. Large “Track welders” are ideal for a variety of applications, including welding tens of metres of material into one product. In contrast, small stationary welders are the choice for eyelet welding and badge welding.

This application utilising RF dielectric welding can hence ensure goods are safely stored and transported.

The wide range of RF dielectric welding equipment available from Stanelco RF Technologies provides customers with opportunity of standard or bespoke solutions for all their RF dielectric welding requirements. In addition, Stanelco can provide solutions for other applications and industries utilising this RF dielectric technology.


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