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RFP 1.0 kW Cube

15 September 2018

Introducing the latest RFP model, the 1.0 kW Cube, a more compact, user friendly bench-mounted induction heating system.

The RFP 1.0  kW Cube Induction Heating System, also known as “The Cube”, has a dramatically reduced cabinet size compared to alternative products. The system’s advantages include high electrical efficiencies and ease of operation.

The RFP 1 kW Systems can be purchased as Air Cooled Units making this the obvious choice for Laboratory and Medical Clean Room Environments. Water-cooling equipment such as fan assisted units circulating a fluid near the customer’s products, are often considered unfriendly.

These high electrical efficiencies are achieved by the use of an Integral Central Management System. This system monitors and controls all operating parameters linked with a unique compact Remote Work-Head Assembly.

Proven RFP Software is provided with the RFP Cube System. This allows the operator to programme power level settings and time durations for precision control.

The RFP Software can be supplied with an extended Engineering Level element allowing interrogation of the equipment settings, together with the delivered output power characteristics during the heating cycle. This optimisation of the desired thermal process adds predetermined parameters where necessary with acknowledgement. This means, a miss-machined component, for example, can be detected should it reach the heating cycle stages.

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