Specialist Industrial Welders

Foot Welders

The latest range of Stanelco Foot Pedal (FP) Welders offer the end users the flexibility of the foot pedal design combined with modern design features such as air driven heads and safety systems to maintain operator safety. The FP range of welders comes with a selection of power supplies running at various frequencies. Power is available in the range 600W to 4kW in either tradition valve oscillator design or using the latest in Solid State generators. The foot pedal welder can been used for numerous applications, including stationery products, medical bags, blinds, awnings and blister packaging to name but a few.

Automatic Continuous Welders

The Stanelco Continuous Welder utilises the FP welder functionality, but operating in an automatic function alongside a material movement system. This allows for the continuous or repetitive welding of material that can be fed onto the welder from a roll or similar.

Through Press Welders (2kW to 22kW)

The Stanelco Through Press (TP) range of RF welders is designed for single tray or twin tray operation. This allows for single- or two-person operation to maximise product throughput from the machine. With powers available from 2kW up to 22kW, the Stanelco TP welder is suitable for a wide range of applications, large or small.