Zirconia Furnace Consumables

Stanelco RF Technologies supplies a range of Zirconia Susceptors, sight tubes, insulation and other consumables and spares for use in Zirconia- based Optical Fibre Induction Furnaces.

These products have been developed by Stanelco RF Technologies in conjunction with our partners at Zircotec in Harwell in the UK, specialists in high temperature coatings and heat barrier technology.

Our product has a concentric, twin-walled design which means a thinner, more cost-effective tube. The plasma-spraying production process utilised produces a layered microstructure which is resistant to thermal stress. The yttria-zirconia composition results in a product with a linear thermal expansion which gives high tolerance to thermal shock.

Zirconia susceptors offer long-life operation in ambient air and thus easier production management.

Please contact us at rfenquiry@stanelco.co.uk for product information.