Hand Held Mobile Welders

Mobile Welder

The Stanelco MW600SS is a trolley based welder that as standard uses a pneumatically operated hand held cross welding applicator, but has the ability to be adapted to suit a range of tooling including a fixed guillotine mounted on the unit and a “T” welding applicator for seam welding. The MW or Mobile Welder has been designed to be moved to the job rather than taking the job to the welder.

Portable Welder

For truly Portable RF welding, the Stanelco PW600SS is the latest in compact welding solutions. The PW600SS comes with built in wheels and handle to allow it to be move easily. Operating from a 110v or 240v single phase supply, the PW600SS can be operated in the workshop or even in the field from a small generator.

Offered with a variety of welding applicators to suit a variety of applications, from bag sealing, truck tarpaulin repair (on the truck) to tent repairs and in the factory, for finishing and sealing of large components.

Stepper Welder

The Stanelco RF Stepper Welder is currently being designed to eliminate difficult handling procedures and automate straight line welding that takes place in hazardous areas where protective equipment makes it necessary for two operators to be present. By using the proven Stanelco Solid State Mobile RF Generator, the Stepper Welder will be suitable for being moved to various locations rather than being permanently sited. With its guillotine concept, the Stepper Welder is being designed to be able to weld up to 1 metre wide sections.