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Induction Technology

Non-Contact Induction Heating is the optimal method of heating metals, as well as conductive materials, in specific areas, to varying temperatures at controlled rates.

Stanelco have been manufacturing Induction Heating Systems, and providing thermal process solutions since the 1930s.

Applications include, for instance:

  • Metal Melting.
  • Forging, Forming and Shaping.
  • Through Heating.
  • Metallurgical Processing.
  • Surface Treatments.
  • Material Bonding.
  • Metallic Structure Assembly,
  • Brazing and Soldering.
  • Recycling.

Many other thermal processes are also suitable for induction heating, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Induction Heating Products

  • RFP Cube Range
    RFP Cube Range

    The Cube is a user friendly, bench-mounted induction heating power supply typically supplied with a dedicated remote work head assembly and interfaced with a pendant controller.

    Available air cooled or water cooled subject to application requirements.

    The system is supplied with proven RFP Software, which allows the operator to programme power level settings and time durations for precision control.

    Power Range 1.0 kW and 1.5 kW with a frequency range of 135 - 400 kHz avaliable.

  • RFP Genstar Range
    RFP Genstar Range

    The Stanelco Genstar range of high power induction heating power supplies has been designed for use in thermal processes where reliability and precision control are paramount.

    Using state-of-the-art technology and control systems, the induction heating power supplies offer a cost effective solution for a wide range of applications.

    The system incorporates the latest design SMT electronics, high stability output, and manual or PLC control.

    Power Range 30 kW – 500 kW with a frequency range of 1 – 10 kHz available.

  • RFP Range
    RFP Range

    Our range of Induction Heating Power Supplies are ideally suited to a broad range of induction heating applications, where higher frequencies are required.

    Full digital control allows the user to run in a local control; either manually controlled, or from a pre-stored programme from memory.

    Alternatively, a PC / PLC, or other interactive unit, can be used to control the GenPro unit.

    Power Range 3 kW – 240 kW with a frequency range of 35 – 400 kHz available.

  • RFP Induction Work-Heads
    RFP Induction Work-Heads

    Our Air and Water Cooled Remote Work-Head Assemblies range includes lightweight hand held work-heads, static bench mounted work-heads and system integrated packages, designed to be placed within high volume process machinery.

    Stanelco RFP Work-Head Assemblies are supplied complete with an interconnecting RF Cable Kit of either 3.0 Metres, 4.6 Metres or 6.0 Metres in Length.

    These Work Head Assemblies are extremely flexible and capable of accommodating a broad range of Work Coil geometries.

    Stanelco's Range of work-heads includes: 1kW air- or water-cooled, 3kW water-cooled, 7.5kW water-cooled and 15 - 40kW water-cooled work-heads.

  • STX Range
    STX Range

    Offering frequencies up to 6.28 MHz the RFP STX range of generators offers the ultimate in high frequency induction heating using the latest range of Triode valves.

    From zirconia furnaces to blade heat treatment units the STX induction heating power supply utilises the latest technology to give accurate control and reliability.

    This system incorporates a manual control with analogue metering or PLC control with touch screen operator interface.

    Power Range 6 kW – 50 kW with a frequency range of 0.4 - 6.28 MHz available.

  • Coils and Inductors
    Coils and Inductors

    Stanelco manufactures every inductor coil from High Conductive Oxygen Free Materials, uniquely customised for each application.

    A variety of coatings can be applied to our Work Coil Assemblies to suit working environments, including epoxy coatings, anti-track compounds and coloured enamel.

    For harsh environments Stanelco’s Work Coil Assemblies can be fully enclosed or encapsulated.

    Our dedicated knowledge and know-how allows us to take a different approach from common designs, producing work coil assemblies of varying complexity.

  • Wire Process Solutions
    Wire Process Solutions

    Stanelco can optimise existing or new thermal processes within your wire manufacturing plant.

    Using standard systems or custom engineered equipment we can provide solutions to suit many thermal treatment requirements, including, but not limited to the following:

    Low Relaxation PC Wire
    Tyre Cord diffusion
    Single Wire Pre Heating
    Multi Wire Heating

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