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Spares and Service

Stanelco Spares and Service Department can offer you the personal and technical expertise you require in modern production environments.

A large range of parts are available from our stores for instant dispatch along with our experienced Service Engineers. Who can ensure that your machine is back in production in as short a time as possible.

  • On-site EMF testing
  • Expert knowledge on your Spares requirements
  • Technical backup from experienced engineers
  • Preventative Maintenance contracts

Service Options

  • Maintenance Service
    Maintenance Service

    Stanelco Spares and Service Department offer various types of maintenace service, for all induction, dielectric, fibre and resistance heating technology needs.

    Contact us now to find out what we can offer and how we can help you.

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  • EMF Testing
    EMF Testing

    As part of your routine maintenance of your equipment, Stanelco can offer regular Electromagnetic Field testing by our fully qualified experienced engineers.

    This enables you to monitor the EMF emissions of the equipment and evaluate the associated risks.

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  • Equipment Evaluation
    Equipment Evaluation

    Stanelco's sales and service department of experienced engineers can offer you evaluation of your equipment, so you can work out what type of service or maintenance is best for you.

    Contact us now to find out what we can offer and how we can help you.

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Servicing Facts

Preventative Maintenance contracts are always looked upon as machine down time and unnecessary costs. Therefore, as with most modern machines, things start to fail if they are not properly maintained.

Regular checks and record keeping of equipment can sometimes show trends that point to component failure. This allows the customer time to plan a shutdown and replace the failing component, rather than have the machine fail in the busiest period.

In a modern machine, for instance, up to 50% of the electronics are not normally being used. However, these are the safety circuits that sit in the background monitoring your machine, waiting to come into operation should a fault occur and ensuring a safe shutdown with minimal damage. Furthermore, as part of our service plans, these circuits are checked to ensure that they are operating correctly.

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