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Induction Soldering Automotive Cables

11 October 2019

Stanelco Induction Soldering of Automotive Battery Cables and Associated Products


Soldering copper cabling within plated terminations or connectors has always had associated problems. Particularly with the overheating of the plastic protective coatings and outer sleeving. This can subsequently cause damage to the cable.

Stanelco’s expert engineers have solved this soldering application by applying an ultra-narrow heat zone. Thus completing the soldering operation with heating effects that occur in a few seconds. This prevents heat damaging the protective coating and outer sleeving of the cable.

As the heating effect is produced by a high density magnetic field that only heats electrically conducting materials. It passes through any non-conductive material. This heats the copper conductors within seconds.

The depth of penetration created by the magnetic field ensures that the solder alloy, used to join the termination to the conductor, is drawn to the centre of the conductor. This produces a far superior joint assembly.

The flexibility of our RFP systems used for induction soldering applications such as this, allows the use of remote work stations. As well as this, work head assemblies and hand-held applicators can also be used. This means, in addition to conventional static heating operations, the heating coil can be taken to the work piece by hand or automatically by robot.

Typical applications include brazing and soldering of ferrous and non-ferrous components. As well as, re-heating for forging, bending and annealing. Metals may also be gently heated to cure paints, adhesives and surface coatings. If required metals may be easily be melted.


To find out more about our induction technology, or for help with any other thermal processes please contact our team of engineers.

You can also learn more about our unique induction heating methods and procedures here.

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