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Rotary High Frequency Plastic Welder

26 July 2019

Rotary High Frequency Plastic Welder from Stanelco – Flexibility in your Thermal Process Solution!


Stanelco’s Rotary Plastic Welder is a stand-alone HF welding system that can integrate into automated production lines or be used independently in a jobbing environment. The rotary welder processes intricate plastic components that require thermal forming, shaping or bonding using dielectric or induction heating techniques. The choice of technology depends on the specific customer requirements and the material used.

This totally flexible and adaptable welding solution comes with a 3 position circular rotary processing table. The load, weld & unload positions are provided at 120 degrees apart. This provides for maximum productivity when loading, processing and unloading.

To process the components or parts, they can load automatically or manually. Typically the welder processes up to 12 parts per cycle. The number of parts processing per cycle depends on the tooling design and the size of the parts.

Interchangeable tooling nests, designed to suit specific product processes, can be swapped quickly. Due to this, the machine can be used in a fixed production mode or as a flexible batch jobbing equipment.

Stanelco’s rotary high frequency plastic welder has the option of internally fitted air or water cooled power sources. These are at various power and frequencies to suit the specific process requirements the customer desires. In addition to this, external power supply options are available for higher power requirements. Additionally, the Rotary Welder utilises a network connectable PLC control, with customer interface included. This allows local control and/or integration into a complete high level process line control system.

To ensure consistent quality and repeatability of the welding process, the welder and it’s tooling incorporate closed circuit temperature control. Alongside this, the power source uses auto-tuning and tracking capabilities to compensate for any material variations during processes.

For the most efficient and optimised thermal process system solution, we also offer optional add-on equipment. These include image recognition cameras, QA data-acquisition packages (online monitoring) and advanced diagnostic features that once integrated can provide additional quality control and process analytics.


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