Stretch, Rod Draw and Shaping Furnaces

Stanelco has developed a range of horizontal and vertical furnace systems suitable for preform shaping and stretching or drawing core rods and preforms. These systems utilise the Stanelco Genstar induction generator to provide power in order to heat the glass.

The furnaces have been designed with a range of options to maximise production and the lifespan of consumables. These include:

  • Pneumatically operated live “Inlet Seals” that have been specially designed to ensure the best possible sealing of the preform as it feeds into the furnace
  • Single and Double shutters to seal on the preform and handle as they exit the furnace
  • Laser measure systems to give precise diameter feedback during the process
  • Closed loop temperature control
  • Mounting chassis systems to allow the furnace to be installed on a variety of lathe designs